Brief color guide

Since every chandelier is handcrafted and unique, and can be made in many different colours, it is impossibile for us to show you all the possibile photos.

This small guide will help you determining the correct color that will suit your needs.

Click on the thumbnails below to explore the variety of colours our Masters can create. Click on a picture to see it bigger.

  • Amber
  • Amber Gold
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Black
  • Black Gold
  • Blue
  • Entirely Gold
  • Entirely w/ Colour
  • Green
  • Opal
  • Opal Pink
  • Opal Transp. Gold
  • Red
  • Red Gold
  • Smoke
  • Transparent
  • Transp. Amber
  • Transp. Black
  • Transp. Gold
  • Transp. Gold Polychrome
  • Transp. Pink
  • Transparent Pink-Green Tone
  • Transp. Polychrome
  • Transp. White Silver
  • White
  • White Gold

Colors, techniques and materials vary depending upon the look a glassmaker is trying to achieve. Aquamarine is created through the use of copper and cobalt compounds whereas ruby red uses a gold solution as a coloring agent.

How to choose the right color

In a chandelier you can identify to main class of elements: the body and the decorations. Decorations are usually made by flowers, leaves and edges in relief.

The following video will highlight the decorative elements of a standard chandelier:



If the color name is composed by a single word (for example "transparent", "amber", or "red")

It means that the chandelier is fully made by a single color glass.

If the color name is composed by more than a word, (for example "opal pink", "red gold", "transparent white silver")

It means that the body of the chandelier is made the color indicated in the first word. The decorative elements are made the remaining colors.


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