Murano chandelier spare parts request

Your chandelier is broken and you don't know where to find a spare part?

Are you tired wasting your time contacting local craftsmen?

An original Murano part can be substituted only by another original one! So stop searching and ask now a free quote for your spare part! There are no Murano lightings we can't fix!

broken Murano chandelier parts

Average price

The pricing for custom spare part production is:

  • Glass arm or bobeche: starting from EUR 140 each (depending on the color)
  • Leaves : starting from EUR 120 each (depending on the color)

Shipping costs will be charged separately.

What you need to email us

In order to make a proper quote, we will need to know the following information about the replacement part(s) you need:

  • width
  • height
  • diameter
  • diameter of the metal bushing (if present)
  • color

Please also email us the following photos:

  • the whole chandelier (or other type of lamp)
  • broken part
  • sister parts (if present)

If required, you will be asked to ship the broken part (or a sister part) for the Master's consideration.

Once we have all the required information we will get back in touch with you with a full quote.

Email contact

Please the above requested material.

Lead time

Custom spare parts manufacturing takes time. It could take from 30 to 60 days.


If you order parts of lamps made by other artisans or factories we can't guarantee that the color will be exactly the same.